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Championship Show debut

Championship Show debut

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one who entered our Championship Show debut.  Entries have come from France, Luxembourg, Germany, England, Wales and Scotland and from all four Irish provinces, Leinster, Ulster, Munster and Connaught, totalling 74 in all.  Entries for special classes such as children’s handling and the competition for altered dogs and bitches, will be taken on the day.

We have heard via the grapevine that several spectators from far-flung regions will also be there to support us – thank you to you all.  Remember that the City North Hotel in Co. Meath offers a shuttle service between the hotel and the airport (less than 20 minutes away) and may even oblige you with a service to the show (5 minutes away) and back.  But please liaise with the hotel directly well before the day.  In the case of the airport shuttle they will need your flight number, time of arrival etc.

Long-term weather forecast seems to be favouring us so the steak barbeque after the show looks to be on the cards.  Please let us know, if you can, whether you will be attending in order to facilitate the catering.  Should the weatherman be incorrect, we will be having the lovely roast dinner, so it’s a win-win situation either way.  But please be prepared for any eventuality by dressing accordingly.

Going by previous years’ experience, the show promises to be fun for all including the youngsters, with children’s handling classes in three age categories.  We plan on leaving nobody out of the loop.

We wish you the best of luck on the day and above all a day of fun and joy.

Go raibh maith agat
(1,000 thanks to you)

IWSOI Committee

Pictures from last years show.


Best in Show



The Trophies


Junior Handler


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Very First Coursing Get Together

The Society’s Very First Coursing Get-Together Combined With Show and Grooming Training, a Talk on AI by a Vet and Information on Insurance

The Irish Wolfhound Society of Ireland had its Event and Information Day on Sunday, 28th January 2007, and WHAT a day it turned out to be.

The day dawned clear, crisp and bright (Anne really does have uncanny connections) and the turnout of hounds and people was very gratifying – nearly forty people and their many hounds made for a good crowd and very lively atmosphere. We had the use of a huge indoor hall for talks, demonstrations and refreshments, but the first event of Coursing was held outside. Very few, if any, of the hounds had had any experience in lure coursing and standing on the sidelines watching their individual reactions was worth the effort of travelling all on its own. Several of them turned around and walked away, others, like my own Nikki, cantered half-heartedly after the lure because the other dog was following it, she saw my car out of the corner of her eye, and headed straight for it, at right angles to the track. This happened the second time as well, but third time lucky she ran all the way to the straw bales. The smile on her face was such a reward. Other hounds were absolute naturals and several of the runs were textbook stuff. The overall winner was Ika and Ulli’s Jade with Paula’s Ella a close second. Thank you, Heidi, for organising the lure and runner. Thanks also to the many volunteers who acted as slippers (Tony & Velda), handlers and stewards, and special thanks to Jim for keeping the books and getting the right dogs to the start. Our photographer was Ika and I really look forward to seeing the action photos.

We adjourned to the hall for a welcome coffee and sandwiches after which Ulli Peiler held us rooted to our seats with practical demonstrations of training and valuable insights into the minds of our canine companions. Fascinating stuff, thank you Ulli! Two 15 weeks old wolfhound puppies for whom it was the first day on a lead and in public and a Labrador puppy enjoyed the special attention they got from Ulli and strutted their stuff around the ring like pros after only a few moments, on and off the lead, to great applause from the audience. Some volunteers and their hounds came into the ring to apply Ulli’s advice and it was indeed heart-warming to see how well the hounds responded and co-operated happily with their owner. It clearly is so much more fun for both owner and hound when we understand each other. We certainly will ask Ulli to come back for another training session to teach us more. If you are interested in motivational and positive training methods and want to continue with this approach send us your comments via the feedback form. Who knows, this might even be the start of an Obedience Group with a difference.

Then Jim Behan took us through the steps of grooming the Irish Wolfhound; how to emphasise the good points of your hound and how to camouflage the not-so-good points with the clever use of hand stripping and combing. He succeeded in the process by turning a fireside companion into a prince fit for the show ring. You are a wizard Jim, thank you. We now know the secret behind the fantastic Bearnabui coats; a comb, a brush, two fingers, a good eye for construction, and lots and lots of elbow grease!

The representative of the Countryside Alliance Ireland talked about the benefits of the public liability insurance they offer for members at a very reasonable rate and the Society decided to become a group member. If you are interested in more information, please contact us via our feedback form on this website or go direct to As a member of the Irish Wolfhound Society of Ireland you can avail of a special discount. 

Brian Jones, DVM, the well-known “greyhound vet” with a veterinary practice in Newry, explained the intricacies of Artificial Insemination and the importation of frozen semen, a procedure that is becoming more and more interesting for breeders these days. He answered many questions from the audience regarding the right timing for a mating, be it natural or via AI, and advised on the benefits and costs of Progesterone testing. He spoke about the general care for the bitch in season and in whelp and also covered possible reasons for conception failure. Apparently infections of the bitch with Canine Herpes Virus is more widespread than we assume and if this is not tested for and appropriately treated it will lead to absorption, stillbirths or loss of some or even all puppies.

A huge vote of thanks goes to our President, Anne O’Keeffe, for the royal spread she laid before us at the end of the day. I am sure that like me, many folks had a problem fastening their seat belts for the trip home that night.

I know that I cannot wait for the next get-together and many in attendance on Sunday echo my view.

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Bellewstown Racecourse

Lure Coursing Events At Bellewstown Racecourse

This is a venue that probably has it all – a wide and very long stretch of mowed lawn enclosed with ranch fencing and no passing traffic. The added bonus is that the Bellewstown Inn, where great food and drink are served, is stone’s throw away.

Our first get-together was shortly before Halloween and Anne provided super dog bedding prizes and runner-up prizes very much in keeping with the season. Thanks Anne! The turnout was very good with representatives from several breeds, even a few Great Danes. Although cold, the weather remained dry and a great time was had by all.

Our next meet was on 24th January 2010, the first window of opportunity after a snowbound and frozen holiday season. It was very cold and a freezing fog had turned the countryside into a fairytale. We had a surprisingly good turnout, with numerous Scottish Deerhounds and a few Rhodesian Ridgebacks as guests, but the Irish Wolfhounds proved to be top of the runners yet again.

I suppose we could class these initial meetings as a test of the waters and as it has turned out to be so popular, we plan to have more regular events with more formalised prucedures based on the FCI rules, but the emphasis will remain on the fun aspect at all times. The selection of fellow enthusiasts with different breeds is growing and we welcome them. The more the merrier.

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Slane Walk

Second Coursing Get-Together Combined With a Ramble and Tall Tales at Slane

Amazingly, the day dawned bright and sunny. The weather up to then had been very unpredictable, with lots of rain, so we packed the wellies for just-in-case. We had a fairly long drive ahead of us so we set out early. The dogs, as always, were raring to get into the car, jostling for the best position, but once on the road, settled down to snooze, like well-seasoned travellers.

The directions were excellent and we found the meeting place without a hitch. A charming olde worlde hotel with beautiful gardens, where we had our picnic lunch while others savoured the delights the menu had on offer. At around two in the afternoon we set off in convoy for the Gallops not far from the town of Slane.

It was a good gathering of Wolfhounds and selected guests, including three elegant Salukis and Pasha, our young lurcher. The first draws were called and the lure pulled away so quickly that the dogs barely had time to register what was going on, so the speed was adjusted and then the fun began. Some were ‘seasoned veterans’ from our last meet and others were total novices. So of course there was a varied response to the lure. Good laughs provided by the ones who gave up halfway as if to say “why on earth should I be running after that inanimate object?” and others running for all they were worth to kill the lure. Ika and Ulli’s Jade managed on each occasion to do just that, but gracefully relinquished her kill to the handler. Overall winner in the Wolfhound category was Jade and in the guest list, Pasha. The two did a lap of honour together and Pasha managed to beat Jade by a hair’s breadth.

Anne had arranged some lovely prizes which were handed out afterwards and then we set off for a leisurely walk along the beautiful Boyne River.

A pleasantly exhausted party returned for a picnic and to listen to John Barrons relating the legends of yore, including the famous Cuchulainn.

Thank you, everyone who worked so hard to arrange this splendid outing. We cannot wait for the next one!


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