*Free* Know-how-to-Show Day

Many Irish Wolfhound lovers, especially new owners, are daunted by the many skills and disciplines that seem to be needed to bring their wolfhound into the show ring and get that lovely rosette. Well, we want to help you with that!

We are hosting a *free* Know-how-to-Show Day on APRIL 3rd. 2016
There will be experienced owners on hand to talk through and demonstrate all the grooming and showing basics.
Anyone who loves Wolfhounds is welcome. We will need plenty of beginner volunteers so please bring a friend!
Where: ‘The Castle’, Dillonstown, Dunleer, Co. Louth (just outside Annagassan) GoogleMap

When: 12.00 noon, Sunday April 3rd. (Perhaps arrive a little early so we can start on time)
We will begin our day with a walk down The Castle lane to Annagassan strand, let everyone burn of some energy!

—We will then practise ring-skills in the arena around other dogs, just like at a show.
—We will have a basic grooming class and be ready! There will be many tips given on what judges look for and ideas to make your dog really look their best!

The Glyde Inn in Annagassan will have a Wolfhound Special available afterwards for anyone who shows a phone picture with a Wolfhound on-the-day!

Questions/enquiries to: glydemouth@gmail.com

See you there!

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