Giants Ring Sept 2009

The Giant’s Ring.The Giant’s Ring is a henge monument at Ballynahatty, near Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast, Northern Ireland. It consists of a circular enclosure, 200 m in diameter, surrounded with an 4 m high earthwork bank with five entrances, and a small neolithic passage grave slightly off-centre. The tomb is believed to date from ca. 3000 BC, and the bank slightly later. It can be viewed plainly using Google Earth at 54 deg 32 min North and 5 deg 56 min West. The enclosure with passage tomb known as the Giant’s Ring is a State Care Historic Monument sited in the townland of Ballynahatty, in Lisburn City Council area, at grid ref: J3272 6770.[1]

In the 18th century the site was used for horse racing. [2] A ritual site adjacent to the henge was excavated in the 1990s by Barrie Hartwell of the Queen’s University of Belfast. At the moment the site has ASAI status (Area of Significant Archaeological Interest).

Giants Ring 2009 The Banquet Hall

Giants Ring 2009 Paul Campbell and Hound

Giants Ring 2009 Paul Campbell

Giants Ring 2009 Nose 2 Nose

Giants Ring 2009 Lining Up

Giants Ring 2009 Kingsale Hounds Entrance

Giants Ring 2009 Group

Giants Ring 2009 End of Day

Giants Ring 2009 Campbells

Giants Ring 2009 Brunching

Giants Ring 2009 Bronze

Giants Ring 2009 Ulli Peiler Training Class

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