Slane Walk

Second Coursing Get-Together Combined With a Ramble and Tall Tales at Slane

Amazingly, the day dawned bright and sunny. The weather up to then had been very unpredictable, with lots of rain, so we packed the wellies for just-in-case. We had a fairly long drive ahead of us so we set out early. The dogs, as always, were raring to get into the car, jostling for the best position, but once on the road, settled down to snooze, like well-seasoned travellers.

The directions were excellent and we found the meeting place without a hitch. A charming olde worlde hotel with beautiful gardens, where we had our picnic lunch while others savoured the delights the menu had on offer. At around two in the afternoon we set off in convoy for the Gallops not far from the town of Slane.

It was a good gathering of Wolfhounds and selected guests, including three elegant Salukis and Pasha, our young lurcher. The first draws were called and the lure pulled away so quickly that the dogs barely had time to register what was going on, so the speed was adjusted and then the fun began. Some were ‘seasoned veterans’ from our last meet and others were total novices. So of course there was a varied response to the lure. Good laughs provided by the ones who gave up halfway as if to say “why on earth should I be running after that inanimate object?” and others running for all they were worth to kill the lure. Ika and Ulli’s Jade managed on each occasion to do just that, but gracefully relinquished her kill to the handler. Overall winner in the Wolfhound category was Jade and in the guest list, Pasha. The two did a lap of honour together and Pasha managed to beat Jade by a hair’s breadth.

Anne had arranged some lovely prizes which were handed out afterwards and then we set off for a leisurely walk along the beautiful Boyne River.

A pleasantly exhausted party returned for a picnic and to listen to John Barrons relating the legends of yore, including the famous Cuchulainn.

Thank you, everyone who worked so hard to arrange this splendid outing. We cannot wait for the next one!


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