To all Members, Family and Friends of IWSOI,

In full support of the announcement by Mr. Sean Delmar, President of the Irish Kennel Club and in keeping with the spirit of the IKC members COVID-19 Action Group the officers of IWSOI draw to your attention the details of that current statement

As you know the IKC office is closed by Government directive, all activities at the NSC have been suspended and all events and meetings have been postponed until further notice.

Therefore the annual IWSOI show planned for 2020 must be cancelled. This is disappointing for all members but for the common good. On a brighter note, as you know IWSOI held an excellent and most successful and enjoyable event in November past at the historic Hill of Uisneach in County Westmeath and we hope to bring you all together again for a similar celebration of our beloved hounds, later in 2020 when things have got back to normal. Full details to follow in due course

We also draw to your attention that the IKC has set up a Facebook page where members can indicate what assistance is available locally for people with dogs, or even those that feel the companionship of a dog, even if only visitation, would be of benefit Jim Stephens, Chairman IKC Health and Welfare Committee) has set up a live weekly Webinar where all IKC members can advise and consult on local matters arising.

The officers of IWSOI request that in order to stay safe and to support each other and the national effort our members should at all times remain mindful of Government guidelines on social distancing, gatherings and community welfare in particular a practical contribution to those most vulnerable.

Please be proactive in helping with shopping/dogfood, exercising, feeding, cleaning and vet visits where possible. Please keep in touch with anyone who you think might benefit from your and our support.

It is timely that we bring again to your attention in the light of recent media coverage the Code of Practice and Ethics of IWSOI in regard to the purpose of breeding and making Hounds available, breeding principles, breeder responsibilities, guidelines on breeding establishments and practices, and in particular selling practices

Our earnest wish is simply that we all stay healthy as IWSOI looks forward to a quickly improving public health environment and many happy days together in the near future.”

Kindest regards,

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Irish Wolfhound Society of Ireland