Westport Gathering & AGM

Here it is! The Weekend Itinerary 🎉
There's just one week to our Westport Gathering and we can't wait!
All is in place for your arrival and it's going to be an amazing weekend. Please keep an eye out here and on our Website for any changes to the schedule of events. Weather is the most obvious (it's looking good), but the order of events and timings may change, so keep in touch.
See you in Westport!
Bookings are still available. Contact Ed 086 039 1805 to arrange. 
The full itinerary can be found at this link -  DETAILS OF GATHERING

The following are guidelines for travel times from each county to our gathering in Westport, Co Mayo on Saturday 7th of November.

Accommodation will be available from 12 noon.

(Eircode for the accommodation is: F28 HN63)


Clare 1:45

Kerry 3:30

Meath 2:50

Fermanagh 2:20

Laois 3:00

Cork 3:30

Limerick 2:15

Cavan 2:20

Offaly 2:15

Westmeath 2:05

Sligo 1:20

Louth 3:20

Carlow 3:30

Kildare 3:00

Leitrim 1:25

Wexford 4:20

Donegal 2:10

Antrim 3:50

Armagh 3:20

Roscommon 1:25

Derry 3:15

Tyrone 3:00

Fermanagh 2:20

Tipperary 2:45

Waterford 4:00

Killkenny 3:30

Dublin 3:10

Longford 1:40

Monaghan 2:50

Galway 1:25

Wicklow 3:25