Return of our championship show - 14th July.

We are excited to announce that our breed championship show will be held on the 14th July at Bellewstown Racecourse, starting at 11am. 

Our judge will be the distinguished Peter Pask of Baronglen Irish Wolfhounds.  Please see below for a biography of our judge. 

"Since a young boy I had always wanted an Irish Wolfhound and Pat and I, after we married, finally made
the decision to look at owning one. Fortunately for us we were put in touch with Ruth and Leslie Jenkins
of Eaglescrag fame and there the story begins.
Our first wolfhound was bought in 1976 and was Gwernyfed Llemenig (Sire Ch Eaglescrag Toby, Dam
Carrokeel Annwn). He was the litter brother to the 1980 Irish Olympic Team Mascott Gwernyfed Lleigus
of Carrokeel. We knew very little about the conformation and movement and Pat chose him because he
rolled over and licked her leg and she thought “oh let’s have him as he likes us.” With the help of Ruth
over the years we learnt about the breed. We bought a bitch from Alan Hyett of Buckhurst fame, moved
house and in 1979 had our first litter from Buckhurst Keran and Ch Eaglescrag Toby.
We haven’t had many litters but have bred or owned 10 UK Champions, our latest being Champion
Baronglen the Noblemen JW ShEX (OSW)(AI). To date the Nobleman’s greatest achievements are to win
this year Reserve Best in Show at both the Irish Wolfhound Society and Irish Wolfhound Club
Championship shows and he is still not three years of age. His great, great grandfather Ch Baronglen the
Jaywalker had already won Reserve Best in Show at the Club show in 2009, his great grandfather
Champion Baronglen the Lawman SchCM won Best in Show at the Irish Wolfhound Club Championship
show in 2014 and in April 2018 his grandfather Ch Amarach Aaron of Baronglen also won Reserve Best in
Show and in 2019 the overall Reserve CC winner in show. However, it must be said the joy for me has
not been the wins or the number of Champions but the wonderful temperament and character of each
of the dogs and the pleasure I have in owning them and living with them. I like nothing better than
tramping about in the fields watching them running and hunting. The girls are quicker and often catch
rabbits. You will see them going away with their quarry and woe betide anyone who approaches them
while they are devouring their prey. The boys however tend to sit down looking longingly.!!!!
I have been a stalwart supporter of the Irish Wolfhound Club since 1976 and it is very dear to my heart. I
was Chairman for 10 years and a Vice President for many years..
I awarded my first set of Challenge Certificates in 1986 and always feel it is an honour and a great
privilege when asked to judge Irish Wolfhounds. I have judged both in the UK including Crufts 2002 and
many other countries around the world. I also award Challenge Certificates in Deerhounds.
When I am judging I look for what is in essence a long coated greyhound. I am always aware that an Irish
Wolfhound was bred, not as a pack animal like the Deerhound, but to hunt alone. To do that he must
have substance, balance and stamina.
Thank you so much for the invitation to judge your show and I look forward to meeting friends old and

Peter Pask"


Entries close on Monday the 8th of July at midnight and entries can be made via