Bellewstown Racecourse

Lure Coursing Events At Bellewstown Racecourse

This is a venue that probably has it all – a wide and very long stretch of mowed lawn enclosed with ranch fencing and no passing traffic. The added bonus is that the Bellewstown Inn, where great food and drink are served, is stone’s throw away.

Our first get-together was shortly before Halloween and Anne provided super dog bedding prizes and runner-up prizes very much in keeping with the season. Thanks Anne! The turnout was very good with representatives from several breeds, even a few Great Danes. Although cold, the weather remained dry and a great time was had by all.

Our next meet was on 24th January 2010, the first window of opportunity after a snowbound and frozen holiday season. It was very cold and a freezing fog had turned the countryside into a fairytale. We had a surprisingly good turnout, with numerous Scottish Deerhounds and a few Rhodesian Ridgebacks as guests, but the Irish Wolfhounds proved to be top of the runners yet again.

I suppose we could class these initial meetings as a test of the waters and as it has turned out to be so popular, we plan to have more regular events with more formalised prucedures based on the FCI rules, but the emphasis will remain on the fun aspect at all times. The selection of fellow enthusiasts with different breeds is growing and we welcome them. The more the merrier.

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