Westmeath’s Fore Abbey and surrounds Day trip

19th June 2016 – Meet 12 O’clock in the Abbey Car Park

The IWSOI would like to invite Members and Non-Members to a unique experience of a tour of one of the country’s most beautiful historical sites.

Fore, Fobhar is the anglicised version of the Irish name that signifies “the town of the water-springs” and was given to the area after Saint Feichin’s spring or well, which is next to the old church a short distance from where the ruined monastery still stands. It was St. Feichin who founded the ancient Fore Abbey around 630. By 665 (the time of the yellow plague) there were 300 monks living in the community
The Abbey is also noted for what are locally known as the “Seven Wonders of Fore” which include:

  • the monastery in the bog,
  • the mill without a race,
  • the water that flows uphill,
  • the tree that has three branches/the tree that won’t burn,
  • the water that won’t boil,
  • the anchorite in a stone and
  • the stone/lintel raised by St Fechin’s prayers

Included in the day will be the recently created walk around the ruins of the Motte and Bailey built for Hugh De Lacy in 1180 following the granting of Fore Lands to him in 1169 by Henry II. We will be regaled with the gory details of the hangings on ‘hanging hill’ carried out not far from the Motte site, the condemned having being held in the Gaol sited in the now village which is recorded as the Westmeath Gaol during the 1800’s before being moved to Mullingar.
Following the tour, there is a quaint coffee shop in the village where we can stop for soup and sandwich’s or for those who prefer a stronger drop there are two traditional bars selling the best pint for miles around !!

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